14-19 Department

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Pupils in the 14-19 department have a varied and enriched curriculum. Pupils follow Edexcel qualifications within the Foundation Learning suite. Qualifications range from Entry Level 1 through to Level 1. Qualifications include Personal Progress, Vocational Studies, Jamie Oliver Cooking Skills and Essential Skills Wales (Number, ICT, Communication).


Pupils access a wide range of provision externally. This involves pupils accessing accreditation alongside other providers. Pupils access the 14-19 vocational qualifications within the Local Authority and access Sports qualifications at Bryn Bach Park. Merthyr College is used as a transition project weekly where learners attend 1 day per week to achieve further qualifications.


Out and about in the community is an important aspect where pupils gain further understanding of using money, time and travelling within the community. Pupils access the local sports facilities, shops, libraries and town centre as part of their curriculum.