Programme of Phoneme Awareness Training:-

  • Foundation POPAT
  • Listen, Choose and Transition
  • Listen and Write- Listen and Write Sentences
  • Listen, Sort and Spell
  • A POPAT for the Visually Impaired is also in the process of being developed

POPAT engages learner’s listening attention; ensures focused listening and teaches the recognition of phonemes and their position within words. POPAT is also a Speech and Language resource that also promotes communication skills.

The order of learning process

  • Symbolic understanding
  • Sound pictures, CV & VC
  • R, j, y & ng & Vowels
  • Transition of Letters
  • High Frequency (Listen & Write, CLOZE)
  • Long Vowel Phonemes

GreenfieldSchool has 2 POPAT trainers who have trained over 40 staff to use the programme and they also train externally throughout Wales in both Mainstream and Special Schools.

POPAT is a vital resource in the Literacy Curriculum. The success that POPAT is having with our learners is evident in the Reading Support Data.